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  Hawaii HI Boiler Laws and Codes
  Hawaii HI Boiler SectionThe State of Hawaii HI Occupational Safety and Health division oversees all boilers and pressure vessels in the State of Hawaii. The Hawaii Occupational Safety and Health Law and Regulations are intended to assure safe and healthful working conditions for the women and men of the State.  Employers are responsible to furnish employees with workplaces that are safe and free from recognized hazards (excerpt from the State of Hawaii's boiler section official web site)

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Need to Know (Forms, Fees, FAQs, etc)
[+] Hawaii HI Boiler Installation Application (pdf)
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Nice to Know
(Regs, Statutes, Requirements)

[+] Hawaii HI State Boiler Standards
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[+] Hawaii HI Boiler Authorization for Repair/Alteration Application (pdf) will open in new window

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